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Why Partner With InnerTrends

Program Benefits

Become a true partner, not just a report delivery service for your software clients! 

Trusted Solutions and Technology Partners


What you get

The Process

  • Apply

    We are selective with who we work with. If you have SaaS clients and are motivated to expand how data plays a role in your business, we want to talk to you.


  • Learn

    If accepted, we will do everything in our power to train you, not just in how to set up and use InnerTrends but how to truly use better data to grow your clients and expand your business. 


  • Build

    You are now ready to set up your software clients on InnerTrends! Go out there and show off your new skills and tools to build value growth and attract new clients. Oh, did we mention we’ll even give you a financial incentive for new accounts you signup? Find out more by applying below.



Prior to InnerTrends we were using tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel to setup product analytics for our clients. Now we only dive into those tools for very niche problem solving. We have everything we need for solving key growth challenges within InnerTrends and can get our clients' teams fully aligned and setup in far less time.

Joshua Waldman, SaaS Growth Consultant @ Inturact

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Use the form below to submit your application. We will review your application and notify you with partner and login details upon approval.