The Customer Journey Metrics Map

Pave the way to better product analytics and get alignment on the customer journey metrics that matter for growth

Why do you need a Customer Journey Metrics map:

Team focus

Use this framework to align your team on the same objectives and definitions, from product to marketing and customer success.

Proper analytics setup

Set the foundation for an accurate product analytics setup. You know what’s important to track.

Relevant insights

Gain the ability to find insights on the metrics that matter for growth and optimization.

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How to create your Customer Journey Metrics map:

Build it in an instant, share it with the team, come back to it any time you need

Our wizard (free for all, forever!) generates the customer journey metrics map showing what metrics to monitor for each growth pillar: acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, and referral.

Less than 10 minutes.
The answers are saved automatically, and you can come back and revisit them at any time.
Arpit Choudhury
Founder of Data-led Academy
“I highly recommend going through the InnerTrends Customer Journey Metrics no matter what tool you actually use for product analytics.”