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Grow with data, not assumptions.

Sessions Success Story

Here is how Sessions improved their onboarding rate by 40% and re-gained 30% of their inactive user base with InnerTrends.

Webinar: How to boost your SaaS free trial conversion rate

Watch this session with SaaS growth strategist Michiel Vermeulen to discover how to get more paying customers without adding resources to the team or marketing dollars.

How To Increase Your SaaS Free Trial To Paid Conversion

Use analytics to understand what influences users to upgrade, and the optimal set of actions that can push conversion upwards.

Achieve Product-Market Fit With A Data-Led Approach

Make the lead conversion process as predictable and scalable as possible

How To Optimize Your SaaS Customer Onboarding

Take a data-led approach to optimize your onboarding process and make changes with high impact

How To Improve Your SaaS Customer Retention

Uncover what drives product usage and what makes users become loyal customers

Sign-Up Intent

Find out how to analyze sign-up intent and how to use it for improving your acquisition strategy

Guide To Product Analytics

Why It Matters & How to Get Started When You’re Not a Data Scientist

The ultimate guide to understanding product analytics for B2B SaaS. Why you need analytics to optimize and grow your product with data-driven insights.

Webinar: Onboarding Practices From Successful Product-Led Companies

Watch this session with Georgiana Laudi @Forget The Funnel and Ramli John @Appcues and get some inspiration on onboarding from product-led companies that do it well.

How To Validate Onboarding

Find out if you got your onboarding definition right, the importance of having your team aligned on that definition and its impact on growth.

Customer Journey Metrics Wizard

Generate the customer journey map of your product or application that includes the metrics that matter most for growing your business.

Ring4 Success Story

Onboarding insights increase Ring4 new user sign-ups by 500% and new MRR by 10.5%.

Free Trial To Paid Conversion

Find out what is influencing users to upgrade to paid and how to use data to improve free to paid conversion and long-term retention.

Success Story - Experience Management

Client discovered the connection between their NPS, the platform functionalities usage rate, and client retention.

The Influence Of Paid Channels On Onboarding Rates

Discover how paid and non-paid channels influence your onboarding rates and how to  understand what needs fixing: onboarding steps or your Ads.

Webinar: Product-Led Onboarding

How to build automated user onboarding that converts and retains customers.

Featuring guest speaker Esben Friis-Jensen, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Userflow.

YOXO Success Story

Here is how YOXO discovered a new growth opportunity and aligned their entire team around making data-influenced growth decisions with InnerTrends.

Time To Value: How Quickly Should Users Finalize Onboarding?

Learn about friction in the onboarding process, understand the time to first value for your product and how to check its impact on the retention rate.

Company-Level Engagement

Find out how to use company-level data for user onboarding and engagement.

Featuring guest speaker Jane Portman, Co-Founder of Userlist.

How To Double Your Software Revenue

A Growth Strategy to Double Software Revenue. By the end of this guide, we hope to share with you how and why this strategy works.

SaaS Free Trial Benchmarks Calculator

Do you know what your trial benchmarks are? Don't guess, know them with our easy to use calculator. 


A Growth Hacker's Guide To Retention Optimization

This guide will show you the exact steps you need to go through when you start optimizing your user retention.

Planable Success Story

Here is how Planable grew 20x in the past two years by discovering more growth opportunities with InnerTrends.

Churn Prevention Master Guide

You don’t stop churn, you prevent it. This master guide helps you identify the main reasons for churn with the help of algorithms and tools for predicting and preventing churn.

Growth Hacking Analytics Infographic For SaaS

[Infographic] A data-driven approach to accelerate growth for SaaS products by improving user onboarding.

2Performant Success Story

Actionable Data Insights Help Provide a 22% Increase in User Onboarding Rate

123 Form Builder Success Story

123FormBuilder Discovered Their Users ‘North Star Metric’ with InnerTrends