Get users addicted to your product

InnerTrends exposes behaviour patterns that help you optimize the lifetime value of your customers.

It’s like having an army of data scientists always by your side.

Offer a better customer journey and get your users hooked

InnerTrends will show you how:

  • Find the best sources for qualified leads
  • Help more users get the promise of your business
  • Identify the reasons customers stick to your product
  • Find the best moment for upgrade
  • Get more customers to refer you more often

Here is how we do it:

1. Identify the marketing channel that drives the most ROI/Revenue


Find out which are the marketing channels that bring you the best customers.

Identify the content and marketing campaigns and the campaigns that generate customers with high lifetime value.

See how much your pricing page influences the new sign ups.

Target advertising campaigns based on customer value, personas and your desired outcome.

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2. See where your users are dropping off in your onboarding so you can fix it.


See how many users are getting onboarded.

Discover when you need to reach out to customers to make sure they get onboarded.

Guide people during the onboarding process in a way that guarantees success.

Write emails that get more people onboarded.

Find out how your support resources influence your onboarding process

Only an onboarded user can become a valuable customer.

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3. Find your customer’s WOW Moment, without guessing.

Retention & Churn

Base your retention reports on the number of onboarded users so you know why so many signups churn during their first week of using your product.

Identify the wow moment and the difference in actions between the users that churn and those that stick.

Measure the impact of micro-conversions on stickiness so you know what features to focus on in the first days of a new customer lifecycle

Know the impact of activity churn on growth to be able to predict your success

Get clients to use your product for the long run.

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4. Send the right message at the right time, reducing churn before it happens.


Score users based on engagement and the value they get from your product so you know who are your champions and lurkers.

Monitor user engagement changes: people that get less and less engaged with your product are the people who are more likely to churn.

Track activity churn and predict revenue churn.

Personalise your email communication based on the engagement segments.

#product #marketing #customer success

5. Discover the actions users need to take to get addicted to your product.

Product optimisation

Invest only in features that bring value to customers and create a habit.

Identify the paths that people take inside your product and the actions that are specific to successful customers.

Invest in features that are specific to paying customers.


6. Create unique onboarding flows based on each of your user personas.

Persona and activity profiling

Profile segments of users based on their activity.

Segment users based on properties and activity.

Find paths that lead customers to success.

Rockstar your personas with behaviour profiling.

#marketing #product

7. Send your sales messages and demo requests to users when they are MOST likely to upgrade.

Conversion optimisation

Discover how many of the onboarded users become customers.

Find out which are the actions and the activity profile of the people that become customers.

Find the difference in behaviour between the people that buy the small plans versus the ones that buy the higher plans.

Understand the profile of a person most likely to become a customer.

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SaaS l❤ve us

We started to put InnerTrends into action for our clients and I was able to start getting answers to the most important questions and determine far more effective strategies to act upon.

With valuable data in place, you can now really start to growth hack.

Trevor Hatfield, CEO @ Inturact

We were looking to optimize the entire customer journey and the InnerTrends project was a fundamental part of this. Understanding what makes users stick to our product had far-reaching implications in several areas, including how we define onboarding, metrics we track, marketing actions and segments we target.

Alex Volocaru, Digital Marketing Expert @ Orange

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