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Make your Retention Great Again

This guide will show you the exact steps you need to go through when you start optimizing your user retention.

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Hack Your Growth with the Rule of 72

Learn How To 2x Your App’s Growth By Increasing Each Of Its 6 Keystone Metrics

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Growth Hacking Analytics Infographic

A data-driven approach for accelerating growth.

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Marketing Attribution and Budget Prediction

Find the channels with the best investment/results ratio.

Measure your marketing efforts using both quantitative and qualitative factors.

HOT: Upload validated conversions to Google AdWords and Facebook.

Actions Triggering Onboarding Funnel Drop-Offs

Find out where your users are most likely to drop off during the onboarding process.

Identify the common behaviour of users who finish the onboarding process.

Activation and Retention Goals

Identify the minimum set of actions that users need to perform in your app in order to stick for long term.

Find the difference in behavior between users that stick and those that don't.

Get down to user level

Whenever you find an optimization opportunity, check Who are the users that... and personalize their experience.

Data-Driven Marketing Automations

From uploading valid conversions to your AdWords account to setting customer lifecycle emails and push notifications based on user behavior, all based on insights you can validate.

Making smarter decisions

Valentin Radu, Omniconvert

InnerTrends is one of the best tools you can use to fully understand what's actually happening with your users and with your funnel. Integrating it with Intercom was a very good idea so that we find the blockage points in our onboarding funnel and make data-driven decisions.
Valentin Radu - Omniconvert

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