Increase Customer Engagement

When engagement goes up, churn goes down

The Customer Engagement Platform

For companies that embrace a customer-centric data-driven culture

Customer Engagement Scoring

Prevent churn by finding out who are your most and least engaged customers.

Customer Engagement Insights

Learn how to increase the engagement level of your customers.

Marketing Automations Enrichment

Increase engagement by syncing insights with your marketing automation service or CRM.

Driving Higher Customer Engagement
with InnerTrends

Customer Engagement Scoring

Increase customer engagement using machine learning.

InnerTrends algorithms learn from the behavior of your churned customers in order to identify the engagement level of all your active customers.

Prevent churn while users are still active

Get notified each time users decrease their engagement level and lose interest in your product.

Re-engage them while they are still active.

Target users based on their engagement level

Ask your high-engagement users for reviews. Send educational drip campaigns to your low-engagement users.

It's all possible by syncing your customer engagement levels with your email marketing platform.

Customer Engagement Insights

Optimize the lifetime value of your users by exposing customer behavior patterns.

InnerTrends gives you the answers you need by applying data science algorithms designed to uncover patterns across the whole customer journey.

Find the difference in behavior between the users that return and those that churn

Identify the user actions that are specific to loyal customers and are not experienced by the ones that churn.
These are the actions that drive high customer engagement.

Expose the impact of user activation on customer engagement

Only an onboarded user can turn into an engaged customer.

With just one click, find out the actions or emails that influence users to finish the onboarding process.

Find the marketing channels that drive higher customer engagement

Marketing attribution algorithms uncover in an instant the channels that drive high value and long lasting customers.

Get Down to User Level

Whenever you find an optimization opportunity, check Who are the users that... and personalize their experience.

Happy customers :)

With InnerTrends, we have been able to quickly identify the steps in the onboarding flow with the highest optimization potential and we increased the onboarding rate to 65% in just two weeks.

Bogdan Aron,Chief Product Officer @ 2performant

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