Product Analytics Trends in 2022

Product Analytics Trends in 2022

4 min read
The world of analytics took a turn for the best in the last years, and 2022 looks even more...

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Key Metrics You Should Track with Product Analytics

4 min read
Understand the product metrics that matter to accurately find optimization opportunities within your product and improve retention.

Stop repeating your user research & experimentation mistakes

11 min read
Find out how to combine qualitative and quantitative sources to effectively understand what and why it's happening.

What is cohort analysis, and why is it important?

3 min read
Analyze user behavior and conversions with cohort reports - the method that mirrors reality.

Framework for Defining Your SaaS Customer Journey Metrics Map

9 min read
How to find the metrics that matter most for growth and optimization

Product Analytics vs. Web Analytics - How Are They Different

8 min read
You may be asking yourself: What’s the difference between product analytics and web analytics? And when do you need one versus the other? Let’s find out.

Best product management tools for user research in 2022

10 min read
Customer and User Research Tools for Product Managers

What is a Customer Engagement Score? (And How To Utilize It)

4 min read
Your customer engagement score can predict churn and indicate overall product health.

The Data-Led Growth Program: Use Data to Grow Your SaaS

2 min read
SaaS Experts + hours of videos and 🎓 study materials  💥 turn your SaaS into a growth machine. After several months of hard work and collaboration with the incredible SaaS experts at Market8 and ...

5 Crucial Metrics to Understand User Engagement

5 min read
If you think acquiring a customer is the end of the finish line, then you might lose out on 67% of your additional revenue. That’s how much loyal customers can add to your business.