Know Your Entire Customer Journey


Does your theoretical customer journey actually map to reality? 

Several powerful features help you fine-tune your user’s experience.


Acquiring new users is the most expensive part of your business strategy. Let us help you optimize it. With this feature, quickly get detailed answers to questions like:


What traffic sources drive visitors to onboard or reach a specific goal?
What landing pages drive visitors to onboard or reach a specific goal?
What is the conversion of my sign-up process? And where is the weakest link? 




User onboarding (Activation) is the most important part of any SaaS product, get that wrong, and you won’t be in business very long. That’s why having at your fingertips the answers to these questions is critical:


How many accounts were created and how many are now onboarded?
How long does it actually take to onboard new accounts?
What actions do accounts perform between the onboarding steps?
How do emails influence accounts to finish the onboarding process?


Investors say the economic resilience a SaaS business is in its ability to retain paying customers. InterTrends will tell you, in one click and with zero configuration:


What is the retention of the onboarded accounts?
What is the retention of the accounts who didn’t finish the onboarding process?
What are the differences in actions between onboarded accounts that return and those that churn?
How many accounts are active and how many of them churned?

Revenue (Coming Soon!)

We are working on a new feature that will help you tie your revenue to your customer engagement metrics so you can get answers to questions like:


What is the lifetime value of paying customers that have achieved onboarded versus those that never have?
What is the ARPA of each segment of customers (ie specific industry or product tiers)?
What is the revenue lost due to churn of each segment of customers (ie specific industry or product tiers)?


In the meantime you can always connect InnerTrends and your billing system to a BI Dashboard to get a better picture as well. 


Know the impact of your core success metrics

InnerTrends helps you track and analyze many success metrics that we have given the term Goals. A goal is any threshold of activity in your app your user crosses. Think of these as success metrices, milestones or even pre-north star metrics. 

Using Goals in InnerTrends can help you define the often misunderstood term in SaaS, the North Star Metric. Did you know the way many organizations use it can actually hurt their bottom line? 


When you set up InnerTrends, we help you define what these goals are, and by correlating these with other metrics, like onboarding or retention, we can actually tell you the percentage likelihood of a user to return or upgrade if they complete certain goals. You’ll be playing at this level:



When an account sends [2,000 messages], they are [72%] more likely to convert



When a user [invites 5 friends],  they are [82%] more likely to convert


Your Turn

When a user [does something in your app],
they are [InnterTrends will tell you] more likely to convert.

Take that data to the bank!

Data Science Q&A

It’s like having a PhD in Data Science on your team

There are more types of questions than there are questions. There are more types of animals than there are animals. It’s this taxonomy that allows InnerTrends to know what questions you should be asking for data-driven growth before you even know what to ask. 

That search bar at the top, that’s not a search for data, that’s a search for the type of question. There is no other analytics tool that categorizes and anticipates the most important questions to ask to make smarter growth decisions as a team.




Data-in Integrations

Capture data from key tools for analysis

At InnerTrends we allow for an unlimited number of data-in integrations. We can connect to any of your growth tools to capture data within your InnerTrends account for analysis. This is extremely helpful when trying to find growth opportunities within the big picture of your product and tech stack. 

For example, you can connect your Intercom account to InnerTrends to analyze the effectiveness of your user onboarding  emails, or to Appcues to understand if the user experiences you are building within your walkthroughs have been actually helping more users onboard onto your product or not. 

There are an infinite number of possibilities. If you have any questions on if we can accommodate a data-in integration that you have in mind please let us know.

Data-out Integrations

Make sales and marketing more effective


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could push a customer success email campaign to all users right when they go from highly engaged with your product to a low engagement level? Or, trigger a specific walkthrough to help get users to take your next core onboarding step at just the right time?

With data-out integrations you can push any relevant events or properties that are captured within your InnerTrends account to any tool in order to make your sales and marketing efforts more timely, personal and effective.

InnerTrends has data-out integrations with any tools that have an API, just ask! We also have a growing list of native integrations.

Security & Privacy


As a data company, we understand and stress the importance of complying with the global privacy protocol. As such, data privacy and security are things that we take very seriously at InnerTrends.

Our goal is to provide a secure environment, while also keeping our application’s performance at the highest quality to provide you with the best overall user experience.

InnerTrends is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (http://www.eugdpr.org/).

Our data centers manage physical security 24/7. InnerTrends services and data are hosted on Google Cloud, in the USA (https://cloud.google.com/security/).

Our servers are located in the US, and are restricted to infrastructure engineers and maintenance staff. Each employee is given access through a unique key that can be revoked, if needed.



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