The Product Analytics Platform with Pre-Built Reports

Find optimization opportunities without building a single report

Start from the big picture

The growth dashboard is mapped on your specific customer journey metrics. It’s designed to quickly identify if your product has an acquisition, activation, or retention problem.

Use the pre-built InnerTrends reports for deeper insights into your AARRR pirate metrics - no more wasted hours building or customizing complex reports.

Data science algorithms automatically reveal opportunities for optimization and growth within reports. No more guessing how to improve your product and customer experience.

Find optimization opportunities

Dive into report recommendations with one click to identify what influences accounts to stick around or churn. Engage with users proactively.

Make data-led decisions

Reports built by data experts

Run on your own data instantly

Guided setup you can rely on

Opportunities discovered on the fly

Analytics built to empower product-led strategies


Know your best performing marketing channels

Which is more important: first or last touch? How about taking all traffic sources into account - InnerTrends uses the position decay attribution model that combines the best features of the linear and time decay models.


Measure engagement and performance of accounts, not just individual users

In B2B SaaS, measuring users’ performance alone will not help much. You need to look holistically at accounts to understand what really moves the needle for client organizations.


Segment based on property and behavior

Gain the flexibility to segment by property - accounts that are on a specific plan -, or behaviour - accounts that didn't finish onboarding.

smart segmentation


Analyze customer behavior the right way, using cohorts

Cohort analysis is the most meaningful way to analyze users and accounts - by grouping them based on shared traits, you track and analyse their actions across time.

cohort analysis


No more vanity metrics. Only track what really counts

InnerTrends’ pre-built engagement reports provide info on high, low or no engagement accounts, and the correlation between engagement and churn.

engagement scoring and churn prediction


Understand the impact of one metric over others

Setting targets is one thing, but how is one target impacting other metrics? InnerTrends helps you answer where should you focus your efforts for maximum impact.

KPi target

An analytics setup you can rely on

Validated data and tracking plan. Collect the right data and measure what matters

Guided setup

We provide expert guidance to make sure you have a correct product analytics setup. Tracking plan included.

Data validation

InnerTrends works with your team to solve any data validation issues, ensuring 100% accurate data.

Plug and play

InnerTrends integrates with your tools of choice via API for data-in and data-out needs.


Make your analytics truly actionable with data-in and data-out integrations

Your data is safe with us

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