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What sets InnerTrends apart?

InnerTrends is a read-only platform made to help you concentrate solely on confidently finding new growth opportunities versus manipulating and validating data constantly that can lead to inaccurate assumptions and drive bad growth decisions. In fact, InnerTrends works well as an integration with other product analytics tools to help drive better decisions within them as well. But let’s see what is truly different.


Other Product Analytics Tools

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No Data Expert Required

Eliminate the need for data science skills to find insights.

InnerTrends takes care of what’s needed to find insights so you can juggle events, metrics, segments, cohorts, filters, dimensions and visualizations with ease.


Must Be a Data Expert

Your team must have a data expert or data scientist to extract growth opportunities.


Made Specifically for Subscription Products

Targeted specifically for SaaS products and mobile apps using the subscription model.

InnerTrends analyzes your entire customer journey out of the box and understands how important it is to improve user onboarding and



Made for All 

Your team must have a data expert or data scientist to extract growth opportunities.



Tracking Setup Done-For-You

Less time and stress to setup up your product analytics.

We work with your team directly to make sure your metrics are properly defined and accurately tracked.


Must Setup On Your Own

You must set up definitions and tracking specs yourself.


Data Validated for 100% Accuracy

Be more confident in making decisions around your data.

We validate your data for you to have a 99% accuracy rate. You’ll never have to worry if you’re making decisions around inaccurate data


Accuracy Validated On Your Own

You must validate data for accuracy yourself.


Growth Opportunity Finder

Better understand exactly where to find an impactful growth opportunity.

We have built-in algorithms that identify your biggest opportunities for growth within your data so you can confidently have a starting point for your analysis.


Must Find Opportunities On Your Own

You must be a data scientist or have the skillsets to juggle events, metrics, segments, cohorts, filters, dimensions and visualizations.


No Data Manipulation

Better align your team and reduce the risk of making decisions that your team doesn’t agree on.

We provide a read-only platform that is based on your business definitions, so you and your team will look at your product data in the same light and reduce confusion as to how team members are translating data.


Data Can Be Manipulated

Data can be manipulated as needed, which can make it difficult for a team to agree on how your data is being defined and analyzed when looking into a new opportunity.


Answers to Core Data Science Questions

Never worry about asking the wrong questions again. 

We work directly with data scientists to provide answers to the most important growth questions within your data.


Must Know What Questions to Ask

Must come up with your own questions to ask to be able to find actionable answers to them.


Data within The Context of your Business

Better understand how to put data to work for your specific business.

We build your data insights around your  unique business details, so there is clear context for finding impactful insights.


Doesn’t Take Your Business into Consideration

All other data tools try to plug your business into their tool.