A guided setup you can rely on

InnerTrends’ unique setup considers each business' context and goals


Your data will follow the customer journey and not the other way around

The Customer Journey Metrics Wizard helps you define the metrics that matter most.


Get a tracking plan that you can trust and aligns your teams

InnerTrends provides the framework for you to build your data tracking plan.
Anyone on your team, technical or non-technical folk, will understand and efficiently work with it.

Devs can more easily perform integrations and track items as the business context dictates, not the other way round.


Be confident in your data before driving conclusions

We've developed a Data Validation Center where we compare the data piped into InnerTrends with your source of truth for 100% accuracy.

InnerTrends works with your team to solve any data validation issues.



Know what product changes to make with insights from pre-built reports

After data validation, you can start digging
into insights by selecting the pre-built report you want to explore.
In other words, simply click the question you want to have answered.

Advanced data science algorithms are hard at work to uncover patterns and insights on the fly.


Say goodbye to hours of wasted time
trying to figure out your data

InnerTrends will help you:

  • Trust your data. Always.
  • Save time with pre-built reports at your fingertips
  • Understand patterns without crunching lists (again) in Excel
  • Get tracking right the first time around. No need to start over
  • Keep your developers in the know with a dev-friendly tracking plan
  • Find compelling insights with ease

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