Guide to defining your Ideal Customer Profile  using product analytics insights

Find best fit user interview options within your user base

Customer interviews are critical in understanding the needs and jobs of your audience, especially the ones that your product is in the best position to tackle and help with.

Use InnerTrends to drill down to the most engaged customers that finished the onboarding process in the last three months with just a few clicks by loading the report:

These accounts are happy and get a lot of value from your product, and are very likely to answer the question: What made you decide to use our product? as they recently signed up.

Sync product usage milestones with your marketing or CS automation tools

Automate the interviews and qualitative data collection to enhance your understanding of the ideal customer profile by syncing InnerTrends data directly with your marketing automation platform or customer success software.

Asking your questions at the right time will significantly increase your chances of getting the answers you need to better define your ideal customer profile.

Use qualification questions to find the segment with the best retention

By asking qualification questions at the moment of sign up for your users and tracking that data in InnerTrends, you’ll be able to segment any of the pre-built reports provided by InnerTrends.

The first report you’ll want to look into: What is the retention of the onboarded accounts? for each persona segment you create.

The segment that gives you the best first-week retention and the most stable retention curve is the segment to focus on.

Validate that your most valuable feature is most used by your ideal customer profile

By analyzing your most prized features using the report: What is the performance of a feature used by all accounts? InnerTrends will offer out of the box distribution of accounts based on every account property you’re tracking, including the attributes collected during the sign up process.

Identify the people with the fastest and most streamlined process to experience the value of your product

By drilling down to the group of users that finished the onboarding process faster than the average user and creating a behavioral segment out of them, you’ll be able to analyze the specific properties of the group to better educate your decision of the ideal customer profile.

InnerTrends integrates with session replay software like Fullstory, Clarity, Mouseflow, and Hotjar so you can replay the sessions of each user that finds it very easy to onboard with your product.

Measure the performance of landing pages or marketing campaigns targeting new audiences

For every landing page or marketing campaign that you launch targeting a new persona, the pre-built report: What is the performance of a marketing channel? automatically compares the quality of the targeted audience with the overall performance of all your traffic.

InnerTrends will tell you out of the box and only when it is statistically significant if you found a winner.

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