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  • Measure the most important metrics of your customer journey with our core pre-built product analytics reports and dashboard.


$79 /mo

$69/mo billed yearly
  • Ideal for products with 10s or 100s of active accounts.
  • All benefits of CORE, plus:
  • Understand the performance of your acquisition of new users.
14 day free trial


$299 /mo

$269/mo billed yearly
  • Ideal for products with 100s or 1,000s of active accounts.
  • All Benefits of STARTUP, plus:
  • Deep dive into your user activation process to identify opportunities for higher retention.
14 day free trial


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  • Ideal for products with 10,000s of active accounts, or more.
  • All benefits of GROWTH, plus:
  • Uncover your North Star metric and optimize user communication to maximize impact.
14 day free trial

A one-time set-up fee of $399 applies to all plans.

Our dedicated tracking experts will guide you towards a high-accuracy product analytics implementation.

60 day money-back guarantee

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Growth Dashboard - overall view of your business
KPI target simulations on the fly
Account-based analytics
Customer Journey Metrics mapping (editable)
Cohort analysis
Automatic opportunity finder
Account activity tracking
Campaign tracking
Attribution model - Position Decay

Setup and Onboarding

Customer Journey Metrics Wizard
Data Tracking Plan
Data Validation Center
Onboarding support
Set-up fee (one-time)

Pre-built reports

Acquisition Basic Reports

What traffic sources drive visitors to onboard or reach a specific goal?

What landing pages drive users to onboard or reach a specific goal?

Acquisition Advanced Reports

What is the performance of a marketing channel?

What is the conversion of my signup process?

What are the paths that visitors go through during the signup process?

Activation Basic Reports

How many accounts were created and how many are now onboarded?

How are accounts converting during the onboarding process?

What is the performance of an activation goal?

Activation Advanced Reports

How long does it take for accounts to reach a specific goal?

What actions do accounts perform between the onboarding steps?

How do emails influence accounts to finish the onboarding process?

How do emails influence accounts to reach a specific goal?

What is the retention of the accounts that reached an activation goal?

What is the retention of the accounts that did not reach an activation goal?

Retention Reports

How many accounts are active and how many are churned?

What is the retention of the onboarded accounts?

What is the retention of the accounts that didn’t finish the onboarding process?

What is the overall usage of features?

What is the performance of a feature?

Engagement Reports

How many accounts have high engagement?

How many accounts have medium engagement?

How many accounts have low engagement?

How many accounts have no engagement?

Additional reports

What are the differences in actions between onboarded accounts that return and those that churn?

Early access to new reports

Security and Privacy

GDPR Compliance
PI Data Encryption


SQL Dashboard
Data in
Data out

Data management

Tracking plan (editable)
Customer Journey Metrics map (editable)
Data visualization
Data cleaning automatic rules

Usage and access

Monthly event volume
Data history


Support response time
Support channels
Premium consultancy services
Access to knowledge base
Industry insights and benchmarks


Included as part of setup
$49 / month
CDP, Payment Platforms
$29 / integration
Up to 10,000,000
3 months
3 business days
In-app chat, email


Included as part of setup
$49 / month
CDP, Payment Platforms
$29 / integration
Up to 10,000,000
6 months
2 business days
In-app chat, email


Included as part of setup
CDP, Payment Platforms, Email automation, CRMs
1 integration included
Up to 10,000,000
1 year
2 business days
In-app chat, email


Included as part of setup
Any / All
2 years+
2 business days
In-app chat, email, slack, phone

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we are offering a free 14-day trial for all paid packages, which starts once your setup is ready.

Your free trial will only start after completing the setup and your data has been validated for 100% accuracy.

At that time, you will get access to your insights and your free 14-day trial begins.

Yes, all plans require a one-time setup fee to ensure you get a state-of-the-art tracking setup by working through the following steps:

  • Define your Customer Journey Metrics with the help of our dedicated wizard
  • Get your Customer Journey Metrics reviewed by a growth specialist at InnerTrends
  • Receive a personalized tracking plan created by a data specialist at InnerTrends
  • Validate data for 100% accuracy

Yes, we’re so confident that you will get tremendous value with InnerTrends that we’re offering a 60-day money-back guarantee if you feel it isn’t the right fit for you.

The 60 day period starts once your setup is done.

No. At the completion of your free trial, we will recommend the InnerTrends plan that best fits your needs.

If you do not wish to continue with the paid plan, you will not be charged, but instead downgraded to the free plan with limited features.

An event represents an activity performed by the user within the app in order to benefit from the app. For example, “user logged in” or, “user opened a template.”

Depending on your product’s particularities, we also consider events that occur inside other plug-ins or iframes placed outside of the app, which are part of the user’s activity.

The event volume depends on many factors, but it's usually calculated by multiplying the number of active accounts by the average number of users per account by an estimate of the average number of actions a user performs each month.

For instance, a SaaS company with 2000 active clients, each having 2-5 users per account, and each user performing an average of 100 actions per month, has an estimated monthly event volume of up to 1,000,000 events per month.

Sessions represents a concept that works well for eCommerce businesses, but for SaaS companies it’s more relevant to track users and accounts across multiple devices and not sessions per device. Therefore, InnerTrends does not track or limit the number of sessions registered by your users.

InnerTrends is focused on account-based analytics, and has been from the very beginning. Why? Account-based analytics allows you to track and analyze the data from all of the users that are part of the same organization as the data of one account. 

Account-based analytics behaves exactly like user-based analytics when a single user makes up an account (e.g. for B2C companies), but behaves very differently and in a more accurate manner when multiple users make up an account (e.g. most B2B companies). Account-based analytics will give you stronger, more accurate data that is reflective of your customers’ behavior, and will enable you to improve your product faster.

The Position Decay is a multi-touch attribution model that uses an algorithm that allocates points to all of the traffic sources one used to convert, giving them credit in reverse order. This model assumes that a visitor’s interest in a product grows with every interaction, and the last one is the most important, as it determines the visitor to convert. Therefore, the highest score is attributed to the last traffic source, and the score then decreases progressively for every traffic source until the first one. 

InnerTrends uses the Position Decay attribution model because it’s a combination between the Time Decay and the Position-based models defined by Google; it allocates a decreasing number of points to each traffic source according to their position with respect to the moment of conversion, and is well suited to SaaS businesses.

Yes, absolutely! We have dedicated pre-built reports for engagement scoring for high, medium, low, and no engagement cohorts. We also sync this data with CRMs and marketing automation platforms.

As part of the initial paid setup, all of our customers have access to our state-of-the-art tracking implementation to get accurate and valuable insights immediately upon accessing their account. 

You’ll have guidance from the very beginning, starting with defining the most important metrics for your specific SaaS product or online app. The InnerTrends wizard will help you generate your Customer Journey Metrics map. The next step is the tracking plan - we’re auditing the plan, and working together with your dev team so that they have a clear understanding and precise documentation to achieve 100% data accuracy. Once the integration is complete, your data is also validated within our data validation center. 

InnerTrends provides you with a data validation center that allows you to check the accuracy of the data tracked inside InnerTrends (data-in) by comparing it to your own back-end or data infrastructure - as the source of truth.

With data validation, you never have to question your data again and you’ll be 100% confident that the insights you find with InnerTrends are based on accurate data.

InnerTrends provides pre-built product analytics reports that make it easy and fast for you to get insights from your data.

The reports are essentially straightforward questions with clear and instant answers related to the acquisition, onboarding, retention, goals, or feature usage of your SaaS or online app.

Some examples include: “What is the performance of a marketing channel?” or “How many accounts have medium engagement?” A list of pre-built reports is provided in the package comparison table above. YOu can still drill down further and do segmentation or cohort-based analysis for deeper insights.

In brief, you'll work with pre-built reports designed by growth experts and built by data scientists. Plus, you'll have a unique setup that considers your business' context and goals.

So instead of tracking and drowning in a ton of data you won't need, you'll only track your key growth metrics and interpret them the right way.

How do we do that?

First, we set the framework for you and your team to define your settings and customer journey. We then validate the data tracked and fed into InnerTrends from your back-end system or data infrastructure to ensure accuracy.

With this foundation, our out-of-the-box analytics reports reflect the context of YOUR business and provide insights around the metrics that matter most for your growth.

You can instantly run reports on your data instead of spending countless hours building reports. You only need to check the highlighted opportunities the InnerTrends engine recommends for you.

As a result, you can quickly understand the impact of your initiatives across the customer journey and make decisions around new or updated features, changes in pricing and packaging, or which channels to use for acquiring customers with higher retention rates.

There are three types of data you’ll be working with: core events (documented in the tracking plan and coming from your back-end or data infrastructure), UX data (automatically tracked data from your application by the InnerTrends tracking libraries), and 3rd party data (data-in integrations).

Depending on the package you select, you can send 3rd party data into InnerTrends from a variety of platforms and sources: Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) (such as Segment or Rudderstack), Payment Platforms (such as Stripe or Recurly), Email automation (such as or Intercom), CRMs (such as HubSpot or Pipedrive), etc. 

We can connect to your tools of choice to capture data within your InnerTrends account for analysis. This is extremely helpful when trying to find growth opportunities within the big picture of your product and tech stack. 

With data-out integrations you can push any relevant events or properties that are captured within your InnerTrends account to any tool in order to make your sales and marketing efforts more timely, personal and effective. InnerTrends has data-out integrations with any tools that have an API; just ask! We also have a growing list of native integrations.

InnerTrends is a data processor, so are the owner of the data tracked and analyzed within InnerTrends. 

Yes, we have full flexibility to work with raw data so you can feed into any other systems like data warehousing (e.g. Snowflake) with cleaned, processed data around your customer journey metrics. Available for the Scale package.

Feel free to email us at or message us here in the chat box with any other questions you may have. We'll be happy to answer!