Engagement scoring

Automatically know the engagement level of each user

Advanced algorithms are deployed to score the engagement level of each customer.

Automatically know the engagement level of each user

Prevent churn while users are still active

Get notified each time users decrease their engagement level and lose interest in your product.

Re-engage them while they are still active.

revent churn while users are still active

Target users based on their engagement level

Ask your high-engaged users for reviews. Send educational drip campaigns to your low-engaged users.

Sync your customer engagement levels with your email marketing platform.

Target users based on their engagement level

Enrich your Customer Success campaigns

InnerTrends syncs the customer engagement changes in user behavior with your CRM and your marketing automation platforms.

Works with all major CRMs and marketing automations services.


How does it work?

1. Set up tracking

Simply add our InnerTrends snippet to your app. It works with any tag management system, including Google Tag Manager.
Our technology is able to capture all the engagement events of your customers that you already track through your analytics services.

2. Define Engagement

Select the events related to your customers' behavior that answer the following questions: What are the main reasons your customers are using your product? and What are the actions that help your users achieve their goals?

3. Automatically find out the engagement of your users

After just three days of collecting data, InnerTrends algorithms are able to automatically calculate the engagement level of your customers.
After two weeks you can get an accurate image about movements in customer engagement.

4. Sync with your marketing automation service and start targeting better

Activate the integration between InnerTrends and your marketing automation service or CRM.
Enrich your existing customer success campaigns and start new ones based on customer engagement levels.