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Onboarding Practices from Successful Product-led Companies

... and How to “Steal” Them

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We all want to achieve a stellar onboarding experience for our customers. What if we shortened the optimization process by pulling inspiration from the best-of-breed product-led companies that do it well?

“Copy and pasting” won’t cut it, though. You need to do it differently.  

We have the best of the best to guide us in this quest: Georgiana Laudi, a.k.a. Gia @Forget The Funnel, and Ramli John @Appcues, who will:

  • Break down onboarding from successful product-led companies;
  • Show you their inner workings (all legally obtained!);
  • Provide tips on how to apply these tactics to your business.


Webinar host: Claudiu Murariu, InnerTrends CEO and Co-Founder.

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Our awesome speakers


Georgiana Laudi

CEO and Co-FounderForget The Funnel


Ramli John

Director of ContentAppcues


Claudiu Mrariu

CEO and Co-FounderInnerTrends