[Product Update] New Navigation Takes You Faster to Analytics Insights

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InnerTrends Product Updates Nov 2021
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We have some exciting updates for you: we’ve launched a new navigation menu within the InnerTrends app – it’s now faster and more efficient to get to reports -, plus two more features are now available in beta!

New InnerTrends Navigation

If you have logged in to InnerTrends this week, you must have noticed the new navigation. It’s not just about a fresh look, we also wanted to help our users navigate more efficiently. 


The new menu takes you faster to the core sections of InnerTrends:

  • The Growth Dashboard is on top, leading you to an overview of your main KPIs;
  • Insights helps you jump directly into pre-built reports;
  • Accounts lets you dive deep into each user’s behavior;
  • The Help Center has useful explanations for a better understanding of the insights.

The Company Settings, and Your Profile, are at the bottom of the menu.

If you’re not a client, see how easy it is to navigate around reports – check out the InnerTrends demo account.

Customer Journey Metrics Map #Beta

Did you know that teams aligned on their metrics have a 32% increase in revenue growth, while organizations with less alignment see a 7% decrease?

That’s why we are preparing to launch the new Customer Journey Metrics map: to help your team get better aligned around the metrics that matter for your growth.

The new Customer Journey Metrics map replaces the old Business Concepts Definitions, and will include the main customer journey metrics across all growth stages: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referral. 

It is designed to help you better understand how to read the insights from InnerTrends, and to identify what you need to track.

CJM 2021 Thumbnail clean

This feature is in beta within the product, but it is available as a stand-alone free tool even if you are not an InnerTrends customer. Go through the Customer Journey Metrics wizard today and get team alignment on the metrics that matter most for your business.

Tracking Plan within the Platform #Beta

To track or not to track? But what to track? Is this event still tracked? 

We also feel the pain of these questions. That would be solved with a good Tracking Plan where you can:

  • Set the events behind your main metrics that have to be tracked;
  • Establish how the events should be tracked: server-side, client-side, from a specific integration;
  • Check the events’ tracking status;
  • Set account properties that need to be tracked (so useful for segmentation!);
  • … and many more. 

InnerTrends is working on this new Tracking Plan functionality and will soon make it available within the platform (no more excels or gdocs). The Tracking Plan feature is in beta, currently being tested with all new clients.


Keep an eye on next updates. In the meantime, we invite you to take InnerTrends for a spin by exploring our demo account.


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