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Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or LTV) Formula: How to Calculate It Correctly

1 min read
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or LTV) is one of the key performance metrics for every SaaS company. Your CLV represents the average amount of money you can expect to earn from a customer over the duration of their engagement with your product.
Webinar Michiel

How to boost your SaaS free trial conversion rate

1 min read
  A proven concept for scaling and continuous growth. Find out how to grow your SaaS business during a recession and into the future.
Guest Article MicroAcquire

7 Key Considerations When Preparing For An Acquisition

1 min read
If you’re ready to sell your SaaS startup, chances are you want to do it on your own terms.
data tracking plan article (1)

What is an analytics data tracking plan and how to build one

1 min read
Correctly tracking how users are using your product and how they engage with it is the key to healthy product analytics.

15 Top User Onboarding Tools to Improve your SaaS Activation in 2022

1 min read
Find out which are the onboarding tools that can help you optimize your onboarding process to its full potential.

What Customer-led Growth Is and How It Supports Any-led Strategies

1 min read
Find out how the customer-led approach can align your team on what customer experience should be and drive your SaaS business growth.

How to Craft a Perfect Onboarding Tour in 3 Steps

1 min read
Creating an onboarding tour is not a set-and-forget task. Use data-backed insights to continuously iterate and improve.

Deepen Your Knowledge with These Product Analytics Courses

1 min read
Whether you’re new to the industry, or a successful product manager who uses analytics in their daily routine, there’s always something new to be learned.

Product Analytics Trends in 2022

1 min read
The world of analytics took a turn for the best in the last years, and 2022 looks even more promising.