Author: Kelly Kapur

[Podcast] What Customer-led Growth Is and How It Supports Any-led Strategies

1 min read
In this podcast episode, join special guest Georgiana (aka Gia) Laudi, CEO and Co-Founder of Forget The Funnel, and Data-led Podcast host Claudiu Murariu, CEO and Co-Founder of InnerTrends, as they dive into customer-led growth and the critical role it plays in...

[Podcast] Stop repeating your user research & experimentation mistakes

1 min read
Find out how to combine qualitative and quantitative sources to effectively understand what and why it’s happening.

[Podcast] Why Being Data-Driven is Key to Proactive Customer Success

1 min read
How to empower your customer success team to improve customer experience
Company-level engagement blog visual

How To Use Company-Level Data for User Onboarding and Engagement

1 min read
Userlist Webinar Wrap-up: Company-Level Engagement

[Podcast] Onboarding In-App Guides: Best Practices

1 min read
How successful are in-app guides in driving more users to onboard the apps that they are trying out?

[Podcast] Marketing Attribution: The Role of Data to Get It Right

1 min read
Why marketing attribution is important, who should care about it, challenges and key elements

[Podcast] Why Companies Fail To Use Their Data and How To Change That

1 min read
The biggest misconceptions surrounding data, and how companies can be data-led

[Podcast] The Rise of Server-Side Tracking and Impact on Advertising

1 min read
What it is server-side tracking, how it has changed advertising, and the benefits of owning user data

[Podcast] How Sales Pros at PLG Companies Can Become Data-led

1 min read
The pivotal role that product data plays for sales and how data can be made accessible for sales teams at PLG companies