Track the Right Data with InnerTrends’ New Self-Service Onboarding

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Get the actionable insights that matter most for product-led growth.

Whether you’re a SaaS startup, or you have a well established product with lots of data, but don’t know how to get more value from it, this announcement is for you.

We are opening InnerTrends for every SaaS business, offering a different approach to product analytics designed to give you smart insights and a deep understanding of your users and product usage.

It’s official… drum roll…. We’ve launched the InnerTrends Self-Service Onboarding!

We’ve gone through a lot of work over the last few years so that you can get meaningful insights from product analytics data without the help of a data expert or data scientist, in just four steps:

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Why is a different approach in product analytics needed?

There are two sayings that dominate the analytics world. The first saying is: You don’t need to pitch the value of data, meaning everyone understands, nowadays, how important data is. The second saying is: Garbage in, garbage out.

After working with hundreds of SaaS companies, from startups to high growth and scaling ones, it is very, very rare to find companies for which the second saying does not apply. Almost everyone has data quality issues, and almost no one has a framework in place to fix it.

That’s why we’re very happy to announce the The Data Tracking Setup as part of the new self- service onboarding in InnerTrends. Good quality data means you need to track the right data. 

Here’s how we address this:

Step 1. Define Your Metrics

Before a single event is tracked or a property is set, you’ll work through a series of questions in our Actionable Metrics Wizard to help you identify the metrics that matter most for tracking within your specific software business.

This allows InnerTrends to learn the specifics of your business so it can generate a personalized tracking plan that will make sure that you track the right data – and all of it 🙂

Actionable-Metrics-Canvas-4-1Once the answers are completed, the platform will generate your Free Actionable Metrics Canvas with your identified metrics laid out within the five core growth pillars:

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Revenue
  • Retention
  • Referral

This will help you have the entire organization aligned on what matters most for your business. The main reason people don’t trust the data is because they use different definitions for the same concept. The Actionable Metrics Canvas will make sure that everyone in your team is on the same page.

Step 2. Get Your Personalized Tracking Plan


Your dev team’s super power is to build an app that delivers on its promise, not to figure out product analytics and data tracking.

Your product team’s super power is to grow the product and bring in features that provide value to customers, not to figure out technical specifications for tracking.

So who takes care of the tracking so that it’s not “garbage in?” The answer is: InnerTrends.

Every InnerTrends client is able to leverage our team of data tracking experts to review your Actionable Metrics Canvas that you’ve just generated and prepare a custom data tracking specs doc. Then, you’ll just need to deliver this easy-to-implement doc to your dev team for implementation.

The setup will make sure your data collection is high quality, and that enables InnerTrends to deliver on our promise: offering you actionable insights.

Step 3. Validate Your Data

We think a good data setup is so important that we won’t even let you analyze any data until you have full confidence in its quality.

To make this possible, we launched the Data Validation Center

In the Data Validation Center, we’ll show you the exact amount of data that we received in InnerTrends so you can compare it with your backend or any other source of truth.


Step 4: Get Your Insights!

That’s it! All you need to do now is to dive into InnerTrends, which, by the way, will be a very different experience from any other product analytics tool you’ve used or checked out before.


Because InnerTrends knows your business concepts and is very confident in the quality of your data, the insights you get will surely be meaningful. We can actually guide you towards what questions you should ask from your data, and we will highlight insights in the specific context of your product.

But don’t take our word for it. Take InnerTrends for a spin by exploring our demo account.

Or just take Aaron Krall’s words for it:

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