Churn Prevention Master Guide

You don’t stop churn, you prevent it

This master guide helps you identify:

  • The main reasons for churn
  • Algorithms / tools for predicting churn and how to use them
  • Automations that you can implement to increase engagement and prevent churn.

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What growth experts said about this book

Aaron Krall

- SaaS Coach / SaaS Growth Hacks community owner -

Using Claudiu’s advice, I’ve seen conversions double and triple in the first few months for my clients.


Sam Hurley

- Managing Director of OPTIM-EYEZ -

This actionable eBook is all about getting your hands dirty and grabbing the bull by its horns — right now.


  1. Claudiu was featured in: Entrepreneur, Inc, Moz, etc.
  2. Leads the data team at InnerTrends, implementing dedicated subscription businesses data science algorithms.
  3. Trusted by SaaS companies like, 2Checkout, BitDefender, Swydo, Woodpecker and enterprises like Poppulo, Orange and Avon.



  • What is churn and what are its major causes? 8
  • Activity churn is more important than revenue churn 10
  • The impact of activity churn on your business 12
  • The main intrinsic reasons for churn 14
  • Problem: Not the right customers 16
  • Solution: Don’t over-promise. Target the right customers for your product. 16
  • Problem: Churn is often an onboarding issue 20
  • 1st solution: Measure churn correctly: report churn to onboarded users only! 21
  • 2nd solution: Optimize the onboarding process to better suit your users needs 25
  • Problem: Plummeting retention curve 35
  • 1st solution: Make sure you have a high retention during the first week 35
  • 2nd solution: Stabilize retention as soon as possible after the first week 37
  • Problem: People pay before getting value 40
  • Solution: Target the people who paid but haven’t finished the onboarding 40
  • Problem: No-engagement and low-engagement users are very likely to churn 42
  • Conclusion 63