Double Your App's Growth!

Learn How To 2x Your App’s Growth By Increasing Each Of Its 6 Keystone Metrics

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SaaS companies have one thing in common...they want to grow as fast as possible. But how?

Coming up with a step-by-step growth strategy is challenging for up-and-coming SaaS startups. We've been there. Now we have some ideas for you!

We’re providing you with a detailed template and case studies you can learn from and implement right away.

You'll learn:

  • How the rule of 72 works and how you can use it to hack your app’s growth
  • 8 types of Signup Forms and how each of them can be optimized to increase the conversion rate by 12%!
  • The correct way to report user onboarding, and how to increase user retention by identifying the best time to get in contact with them
  • Shopping cart optimization strategies, and how you can experiment with your product’s pricing to increase revenue

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