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Trusted by growth champions at businesses around the world

As a data scientist, I am trained to uncover insights from tools like Mixpanel or Amplitude. That's not the case for most product teams who struggle to make their data meaningful.

That is why I built InnerTrends.

Claudiu Murariu
Founder of InnerTrends

Time for a new approach to
Product Analytics

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Classic Data Analytics Tools
products_analytics_icon_1 Map your customer journey metrics
Take the Customer Journey Metrics wizard and get it reviewed by InnerTrends SaaS growth experts.
Expert Guidance
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On your own
Expert Guidance
from Trevor Hatfield, InnerTrends Customer Onboarding Expert
My team reviews every Customer Journey Metrics map and offers feedback so you start with a setup you can trust from day one!

The Customer Journey Metrics wizard will help you map the journey of your customers and define the metrics that matter most for your product.

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Expert Guidance
from Diana, Customer Onboarding Expert
We "speak" both dev and product so we make sure that your data is 100% validated.

Our experts will validate your Data Tracking Plan, so your dev team has the exact list of events and properties they need to track.

All events and properties are generated based on your Customer Journey Metrics map.

Expert Guidance
from Julia, product manager
Every report we build is designed with a single goal in mind: to help drive your product-led growth.

A library of pre-built reports designed by experts in data science will get you a deep understanding of how your product delivers value to your users.

Guided experience

Every team member in your company can find meaningful insights into your data, without being a data scientist. 

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View your growth dashboard

The first thing you see when you login into InnerTrends is the growth dashboard: the big picture of your business, with key metrics as defined by your Customer Journey Metrics map.

steps_arrow Key metrics based on your customer journey map
growth dashboard

Access pre-built reports

Then you drill down into the InnerTrends pre-built reports: simple questions anyone on your team can understand without spending hours or weeks building complex reports from scratch.


Uncover growth opportunities

With one click, you get actionable reports tailored to your business that flag trends and insights that would be difficult to find otherwise. Growth opportunities are no longer hidden but ripe for the picking.


YOXO Success Story

Ioana Acsinia, Product Owner

See how YOXO discovered a new growth opportunity and aligned their entire team around making data-influenced growth decisions with InnerTrends.

Trusted by growth champions at
businesses around the world

Irina Bucurenciu
Product Marketer, 123FormBuilder
With InnerTrends, we took the data and its interpretation to the next level. Understanding what makes users stick to our product had far-reaching implications in several areas, including how we define onboarding, metrics we track, marketing actions and segments we target.
Desirai Sweder
Product Manager, Salehoo
InnerTrends have done more than any other product, platform or course to empower me as a Product Manager to level up the impact of my product decisions and data skills. If you are a PM struggling with really delivering value to your customers - get on the phone with them.
Tibi Baga
Software Engineer, DashRocks
With InnerTrends we finally have an understanding of our customers, the features being used most, and how we can truly add value through the product in order to retain them longer.
Joshua Waldman
SaaS Growth Consultant, Inturact
Prior to InnerTrends we were using tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel to setup product analytics for clients. We have everything we need for product analytics within InnerTrends and we can get our clients' teams fully aligned and setup in far less time.
Alon Rom
CEO, Hellopeter
A product that's the cornerstone to our business growth and success... It enables us to truly understand how our customers are engaging with our product through every part of our funnel. Also, as a business, implementing the tool forced us to be crystal clear about the main reasons customers use our product and the actions that help our customers achieve those reasons. This narrowed our focus tremendously and aligned our entire team.
Michiel Vermeulen
Growth manager, SWYDO
Overall, the team of InnerTrends feels like having a data partner sitting next to you and going the extra mile. Lots of knowledge and experience. A must-have for companies that need to activate their new prospects.