Say Goodbye to Hours of Wasted Time Trying to Figure Out Your Data

With InnerTrends, you will no longer need to:
Spend months building custom reports to chop up your data
Crunch giant lists in Excel trying to normalize your data into a single structure
Start all over again, because you forgot to install tracking
Bother your developers every time you think of a new product usage question
Struggle to find compelling insights and designing a visual to present (Yup, we do that too!)

Classic Analytics Services


1. Set up the tracking of your app

The tracking setup of your app is done by your dev team which most often don't have an analytics background.

Their vision is primarily technical, not business-oriented, which usually generates a gap in data interpretation.

Our team of specialists, who are trained in data science and tracking technologies, will manage your tracking setup free of charge.

All your data needs will be covered and mis-interpretations are avoided.

2. Store Data

Data is locked in your analytics service giving you little or no access to your raw data requests.

In many cases these tools own your data.

InnerTrends stores data in raw format using publicly available technology, giving you full access to it.

You are the sole owner of your data, giving us a licence to process it in order to get the insights you request.

3. Validate Data

Data validation is often overlooked. It is up to you and your dev team to maintain valid data.

InnerTrends works together with your team to uncover any data validation issues.

We develop and maintain a set of dedicated tools to maintain a high accuracy and precision of the collected data.

4. Get Insights

Classic analytics services give you access to data, and data alone only gives you information, not insights.

Insights come from algorithms applied to that data. To develop and apply algorithms you will need to work with a data science team.

To gain insights, you simply click the question you want answered.

Behind every questions there is a data science or machine learning algorithm designed to uncover patterns that are not visible to the naked eye.