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How are users converting during the onboarding process is often the first question you'll want answered in every onboarding optimization process.

How are users converting during the onboarding process

Start using data science

We use advanced statistics on your data to help you identify behavior patterns and user onboarding optimization opportunities.

It's like having your own personal data science department!

What actions do users take during the onboarding process

Segment your users

You can segment each question in a way that every member of your team will understand and find easy to use.

It's always just two clicks away!

Detailed user segmentation

Always know Who are the users that...

On every InnerTrends report you can drill down and find out who are the users that the report is taking about.

You can check the activity of every user, or target all the users with personalized marketing campaigns.

Check which users finished the onboarding process

Take action and target users

After you identify the users that are most likely to abandon your user onboarding process, we'll help you target them and improve their experience.

Our API allows you to integrate your existing services and target your users with custom messages.

Improve customer experience

Track, analyze, and optimize your user growth today!

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