You don't stop churn, you prevent it

Here’s a quick preview of what I’ve been cooking up for you.

The ugly truth is that plenty of users go away soon after they start using our app. So catch them while they are still active on your site!

To prevent churn, the first trick you should try out is to determine the users who paid for your services but haven’t finished the onboarding process.

Why? Because they are the first to churn. Stats clearly show that these users don’t last more than 2 months, at best, on your site unless you intervene and onboard them.

The good thing is that they are your easiest target - simply because they are actively using your site, not to mention that they are paying customers. Paying I say! So no excuses if you lose them!

To make my point, here’s an example of a company who’s losing more than a third of its paying customers because they never make it through the onboarding process.

That’s huge! And it’s not an uncommon situation!

These people represent a massive opportunity for your business, not only due to their sheer number, but also because they are genuinely interested in your app.

Most probably they got stuck somewhere on they way, so make sure you are targeting them first! Help them out with whatever questions they might have and show them the real value of your app.

The ebook I’ve prepared for you includes a lot of examples and algorithms that can be used to identify the segments of users with high chances of churn.

By identifying their profile and context, you will know exactly how to approach them and thus prevent churn.

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Author: Claudiu Murariu

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