Webinar Wrap-up: Company-Level Engagement

Webinar Wrap-up: Company-Level Engagement

4 min read
How To Use Company-Level Data for User Onboarding and Engagement Join guest speaker Jane...

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[Podcast] Onboarding In-App Guides: Best Practices

6 min read
How successful are in-app guides in driving more users to onboard the apps that they are trying out?

[Product Update] New Navigation Takes You Faster to Analytics Insights

2 min read
We have some exciting updates for you: we've launched a new navigation menu within the InnerTrends app - it's now faster and more efficient to get to reports -, plus two more features are now...

Actionable Analytics: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Use It

10 min read
Do you know what the word “peruse” means? You may have used it in the context of “perusing a menu” signifying you’ve casually skimmed it. But in fact, the primary dictionary definition is “to...

[Podcast] Marketing Attribution: The Role of Data to Get It Right

10 min read
Why marketing attribution is important, who should care about it, challenges and key elements

[Podcast] Why Companies Fail To Use Their Data and How To Change That

11 min read
The biggest misconceptions surrounding data, and how companies can be data-led

[Podcast] The Rise of Server-Side Tracking and Impact on Advertising

11 min read
What it is server-side tracking, how it has changed advertising, and the benefits of owning user data

Track the Right Data with InnerTrends' New Self-Service Onboarding

3 min read
Get the actionable insights that matter most for product-led growth.

[Podcast] How Sales Pros at PLG Companies Can Become Data-led

8 min read
The pivotal role that product data plays for sales and how data can be made accessible for sales teams at PLG companies

[Podcast] The Modern Data Stack For Growth

8 min read
The core components and the evolution of the tools that make up the modern data stack for growth